"In exhibition, her portraits command our attention. The people in them demand we see their perspective and understand their stories."

- Deborah Dundas, Toronto Star, 2020

"To be surrounded with Ella Webber’s paintings resembles being in a room of people.

Portraits up to eight feet tall bear a human quality not only through their subjects, but in the way they occupy Webber’s life. The number of hours shared with the paintings are comparable to those spent with the people featured in them. In foreheads spanning the lengths of arms and pupils larger than her own hands, the scale of Webber’s paintings implicitly references the true scale of human beings. The material immensity of the work is proportional to the immaterial size of its subjects. Webber’s labour-intensive relationship with her work and personal connection to her chosen subjects claims her attention like a living being. As a result, the practice of painting becomes a form of loving.

Webber’s relationship to making is as immersive as the building of human connection. Through the properties of a single focus, Webber studies the complexities of the reality it participates in. Painting both allows an escape from her immediate life, and is a concentration of living."


- Luca Soldovieri, 2019